Mom, Lisa, Kristina, Jillian are we really at G.M.A “yes.” said mom. It all started at New York at G.MA. I went outside and it was a commercial so one of the hosts came and picked me up, it was so exciting to see all the other hosts. I went in the new place I was a little nerves. I looked up and saw a lot of lights. It hurt my eyes a little. When I was in the news place my mom took a video of me. My stomach was rumbling. After that a staff told me to go back outside I was a little sad. When I went outside the video person wanted to zoom on my shirt that said birthday girl on G.M.A, I was waving like crazy. Next their was a D.J. I saw a lot of D.J stuff I wached a lot of the show and it was a good show. At the end I couldn't stop smiling I was so happy.