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Important Dates
  • May 31-School Fair
  • June 3-Baldwin Library visit
  • June 5-Field Day
  • June 7-Field Day rain date
  • June 11-3rd Grade End-Year Celebration 1:30-3:00

Math-Review of measurement skills: Elapsed time, metric mass and metric volume.

*Remember to fill in reading logs each day or each week. 400 min. a month.

Word Sorts-MAKE SURE your child is CUTTING apart and PHYSICALLY SORTING their word sort words EACH DAY. This will help them internalize their spelling patterns MUCH better.*Neatness, spelling, and punctuation COUNT!
Access to some sorts if needed:
Alien's Groups:
Astronaut's Groups:
Copies of homework sheets (1st and 2nd week packets) are located on the Word Sort link on the wiki.
Spelling test volunteer schedule can always be found on the "Word Sorts" link on the wiki.

Social Studies-New unit-Economics

Science- Wrapping up Insect unit.

Writing- Your child is beginning to organize information into a PSA (Public Service Announcement) that will educate and inform others about their health topic.

Cursive- Please help your child remember that their home cursive practice is their daily word sort homework. All word sort homework should be done in cursive now.**