Remember to "Paws and Think" when using an area we all share!

Here are the ways West Maple Wolves are expected to behave in common areas.
1. Walk at all times (coming in and leaving)
2. Use indoor voices
3. Everyone cleans up

1. Use bathroom quickly (teacher explains)
2. Use quiet voices in the bathroom
3. Keep bathrooms clean
4. Wash hands with soap and water

1. Walk quietly
2. Work quietly
3. Stay in line and to the right (*2 lines per class is recommended)
4. Keep your hands and your belongings to yourself
5. Open and close lockers quietly

1. Be safe:
a. Keep hands to yourself
b. Only go DOWN the slide
c. Stay seated on the swings
2. Be respectful
a. Include everyone
b. Agree on rules
c. Take turns
3. Report problems to noon-aides (telling not tattling)