Welcome to Spring Conferences 2013!

It’s time for you to shine and take the lead as you share with your parents all the hard work
you’ve been doing at school. On the table below you will see lists of activities to complete or items
to share for each subject area.

At some point, you will also want to spend some time visiting with your teacher to discuss your
thoughts about your learning and behavior so far this year and set some goals for the future.
You have so much to be proud of! It’s time to start sharing!!!

–Share your book club book with your parents.
–Explain to your parents how your book club works and how you prepare.
–Share your Reading Strategies Response sheet and/or any thick questions you have written so far.
–Read a page or two of your book with your parents and use your “Thick Questions” sheet to write
a detailed question with your parents.

–Share your Writing Folder, and explain how we use planning to start many writing pieces.
–Share your 5 square planning and sensory detail sheets for your animal essay.
–Share your "Changes" essay.

–Play a few rounds of your favorite multiplication game with your mom and dad.
–Share your math prompt notebook and talk to you parents about how you use it.

–Take your parents to the Sun, Moon, and Earth page and share with them your “Inspiration".

Social Studies
–Take your parents to the Michigan Territory to Statehood page on the wiki and share your flipchart.